Top 10 Rwandan Musicians 2018

They are called ‘celebs’ today. They do a wide range of things they couldn’t do in the 90s to fit into this superstar lounge. In those days, the present artistes were only ghetto residents slurping soup from plates of katogo in roadside shacks and riding on taxi motos to shows. Life was a problem for you, me and them. Not any longer. Today, they burp and people in general can state “they have arrived,” don’t worry about it that the dissimilarity between our own Knowless and the genuine Knowles of the JayZ fame is aan ocean wide. Society Magazine dove into the worth of the artistes to estimate how much every one is worth. We thought about the performer’s benefits, the quantity of shows held in 2017 and how much the artiste rounded up from the shows. We likewise took a gander at some other income generating avenue an artiste has. The most generously compensated artists in Rwanda and recipients of supports, particularly from the corporate organizations, make this rundown.

Feel free to do the maths and see where your favourite musician lies in line of Rwanda’s richest musicians.

10.Butera Knowless

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Knowless has been churning out hit after hit ever since she made her entry into the music industry. The Baragushaka singer is rumoured to be earning around Rwf2m per month as the MTN ambassador. Her concerts usually attract a mammoth crowd including last year’s album launch where it is said she bagged over Rwf3 million. Knowless normally walks away with Rwf650,000 to a milion or over whenever she is invited to perform at a function. From 11 concerts attended last year, Knowless pocketed about Rwf 14.3million. She owns a Mercedes Benz CLK convertible.

The car goes for about Rwf 6million and above on the market. She rents a house in Gisozi, although she is building her own house. Her CD sales have so far earned her Rwf 25million with each going at Rwf 5,000. 

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Updated: July 16, 2018 — 12:08 pm