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Top 13 Best Tech Cities in the World (2018)

1. Bangalore, India

Bangalore tech park

Average software engineer salary: ₹585,200 ($8,690)

India has firmly planted itself on the map as an IT-driven economy for some time now, and Bangalore – located in the country’s southern Karnataka state – is right at the heart of it. Dubbed the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, the region is the go-to location for young tech entrepreneurs who are looking to strike it rich – and many of them have.

The city’s real value is in its talent, though. Engineers, developers and programmers have created real and significant growth there, establishing Bangalore as a recognised global hub and giving weight to optimistic predictions of an even brighter future. Indeed, if the area can address its infrastructure and environmental issues, there is no limit as to where it can go.

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Updated: July 16, 2018 — 10:37 am
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